Best Christmas Gifts 2016

Best Christmas Gifts 2016

1. Pokemon Go Hoodie

pokemon-go-hoodie pokemon-go

This says it all.  get it HERE.

2. HP Pavilion LED VGA Monitor
Anyone having a desktop understands the need of having an HP Pavilion VGA monitor and for anything they may be doing. However, this 21.5-inch screen best-selling VGA monitor has a LED screen that boosts the overall picture quality. The screen is all set to watch movies, play games, or just surf the internet in a high definition of 1920×1080 resolutions. This monitor is distinctively accessible with a thin contemporary profile that is enhanced by silver and black colors. Besides, its open wedged stand design enables convenient access to both VGA& HDMI port connections.

3. Deep Sea Sand Art
Deep sea sand art is one the most selling sand picture purchased all over the world. It is usually referred to as the “real gentleman’s gift”; besides, it sells to both males & females and to all ages. Once you flip this picture over, it starts to create a piece of sand art right before your eyes. However, the sand flows down onto it forming what looks like lakes, oceans, mountains, and other terrains. It is a mesmerizing souvenir fun to watch and to display when the piece is finished. The picture has a diameter of 10 inches, height of 11 inches and is available in black, brown and copper colors.

4. 3 Speed Stereo Turntable
When you need to go retro hence use vinyl records, you will need something just to play them. That is where this three-speed stereo turntable comes in handy. It features stereo speaker system, software for converting records to MP3, an RCA line out, a pitch and a tone control. Also, it includes other distinctive features like Auxiliary input jack to connect digital audio players and a universal serial bus (USB) port with included cable for converting vinyl record into a digital format. The 3-speed stereo turntable goes for less than $99.00, but the price keeps fluctuating

5. Entertainment Platter.
This entertainment platter allows you to serve food straight from oven to your table. It has thermal properties of a soapstone slab that keeps garlic bread, brie or oven baked appetizers stay hot as well as chocolate, cheese & sushi cool and fresh. The color variations and marbling of soapstone make each platter distinct, and it might be heated or just chilled to desired temperatures. The platter has heat or chill to serve cold or warm appetizers, a wooden oven to table carrier and a baking platter tested for up to 500 degrees Celsius.

6. BBQ Briefcase
The briefcase has 20 piece barbecue tools set in Aluminated case having dual latches for safe and secure storage. It also includes tongs, fork, knife, basting brush, grill cleaning brush, 8 corn holders, and 4 steak knives. This briefcase is ideal for people who have dubbed themselves the Master of Grill. However, they will be in a position to come in as a virtual agent, open their case and get to work hence leave the area without any trace when their work is done.

7.Tommy Hilfiger Leather Wallet
A wallet that’s used every other moment takes a beating and wears out very quickly. This wallet combines both quality & durability with affordability. It is made from 100 percent cowhide leather in different colors and includes a bill compartment as well as 6 card slots. Also, the wallet is bifold, featuring an embossed logo on the pebbled strip plus a removable pass holder having an ID window. This wallet is ideal for any person who needs a real wallet or one that is stylish and of good quality

8. Growing Wishes Seed Kit
You can send your best wishes to your loved ones using this growing wish kit. The kit allows you to plant seeds that symbolize different wishes, and watch them grow. The kit is excellent for all ages. It has wishes for strength, friendship, love, clarity, joy and happiness. However, you can watch your dreams come to fruition when the flowers bloom since they burst from the soil. Every flower represents a growing desire for the recipients like; daisies represent clarity, baby’s breath symbolizes joy and sweet pie means friendship among other representations. The growing wish kit includes features like a steel case, seeds, a pencil, garden stakes and instructions

9. Namaste Monk
Namaste monk is a stone handcrafted by the skilled artists and cast in a washed volcanic ash as well as weatherproofed for either outdoor or indoor use. You can welcome all those who enter your compound or garden with this young Namaste monk. The monk will however get you into a nirvana sort of mood every time you see it. It makes a great addition to entryway such that he can greet you every time you get to your home and also send you off with a right frame of mind.